Thank You!

This week at Quest, we have introduced further changes, to help facilitate increasing numbers of our pupils returning to school, whilst endeavoring to keep everyone as safe as possible.

It is often a very real and significant challenge for people living with autism to adapt to new routines, especially if additional communication difficulties affect their ability to ask questions or to understand our explanations. We must not underestimate how all these changes may be affecting them.

We are therefore incredibly proud of all our students, who have had to adjust to so many changes in their lives, brought about by the Covid-19 crisis. This has been a time of real challenge, which is requiring a great deal of resilience and fortitude.

We would like to pay tribute to our parents, for their patience and co-operation. It has been a challenging time for our parents too, and we really appreciate how you have worked together with us to support our young people, whether in school or at home.

Thank you also to our staff team, who have responded positively to the constant changes, with determination to always do the best we can for our students.