Please support our trustee in his half marathon for Quest!

One of the Trustees at Quest, Peter Whiteley, is running a half marathon on 17th March, to raise money for Quest. This is his first ever half marathon, so please support him!

Quote from Peter:

“I’m running this half marathon to raise money for the Quest School. I’m a trustee there and have seen at first hand the amazing work the staff do and the difference they make for the pupils. So please help me raise some funds to support their work.”

Pupils at the school typically have significant needs, and hence require a very individualised teaching approach as well as specialised equipment and resources.

Many pupils with autism also have a Sensory Processing disorder, which means they struggle to interpret the information gained through their senses (sight, sounds, touch, and movement). High quality sensory equipment can support a child’s ability to successfully engage with learning.

The school is currently raising funds to purchase sensory equipment, like the image shown below:

Our target is to raise £1,000 towards purchase of a mobile sensory unit.

Please follow the link below to pledge your support; any amount is very welcome and will contribute to the work of the school.