Special visit.

This afternoon the pupils at Quest have been learning about people in the community who help us. We were lucky enough to have a special visit from Kent Police.  The officers talked about what they do and how they may support our pupils in the community. The pupils got to explore the police car, try on police uniform and also see the flashing lights and siren. Thank you to our Police liaison officer for your visit!

Red Nose Day 2022!

We have been celebrating Red Nose Day today and fundraising for Comic Relief! The money raised goes to help people live free from poverty, violence and discrimination. This has also included funding organisations that are supporting people in Ukraine and those attempting to cross the border. We raised money by wearing our own clothes, participating in various sports activities and buying delicious treats in a bake sale. Pupils attended an assembly where they learnt more about why and how we celebrate Comic Relief. They also participated in different arts and crafts activities, they went on a joke hunt around the school and they took part in a food technology activity making meringue nests with different red-coloured food. The Quest School raised £129.80. Thank you very much to all parents, pupils and staff for taking part in Red Nose Day 2022!

World Book Day 2022

At the Quest School, we work hard to foster a love of books in our pupils and encourage the pupils to spend time engaging with different texts daily. Our staff and pupils have enjoyed celebrating World Book Day this year. They learnt why we celebrate World Book Day and listened to different songs celebrating books. The pupils looked through a range of characters from books and chose a character to design and decorate a mask. They wore their character masks and participated in a small parade in the hall. The pupils also explored different fictional and non-fictional books and participated in a hunt whereby they looked through books to find particular characters and settings.

Sensory Activity

At Quest the pupils have been exploring the sensory tent and light wall. Children with Autism may experience differences in the way their bodies process sensory stimulation which can result in them seeking out or avoiding sensory experience or may cause them to become overwhelmed or agitated in environments which may be challenging for them. Ensuring pupils have a balanced sensory diet consists of many types of activities that target various sensory systems in order to calm, alert, provide distraction, promote attention, self-organisation and regulation.

Welcome to our New Pupils

We would like to extend our warm welcome to the new pupils who have recently joined The Quest School. The pupils are settling in well and are getting to know the staff and pupils.

After a lovely half term break, all our pupils are starting to settle back in to school routine.


Back to the Past Theme Day

To end off a successful Term 3, the pupils at The Quest School participated in a jam-packed theme day. The topic was Back to the Past where the pupils were given the opportunity to explore different eras of time; including The Stone Age, World War 2 and the Sixties. The pupils took part in many different activities such as going on a hunt around the school to find and trace different cave paintings, making and flying paper war planes and learning about evacuees, participating in a WW2 drill and creating a lava lamp. The pupils also enjoyed taking photos in our colourful VW van photo booth. This history-themed topic has reminded us that we learn from the past in order to develop a better understanding of the world in which we live.

Safer Internet Day

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day 2022, this year’s theme was ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’. Pupils attended assembly and participated in activities to celebrate young people’s role in creating a safer internet.  As a school, online safety is embedded across the curriculum, creating multiple learning opportunities for all the pupils.

English at Quest

Quest aims to provide a secure, stimulating and enriching environment where there is equal access to English as a whole. The subject is covered in both group lessons and one to one sessions. The pupils  learn different components of English including reading, writing and comprehension. In order to aid a love of reading at Quest, daily reading is implemented into the school day for each pupil using a range of different resources such as story sacks, magazines, fiction and non-fiction books.

Life skills at Quest

At Quest we value the importance of functional life skills for all our pupils. This week our sixth form pupils have been on their weekly shopping trip to buy items for cooking and they have also visited Costa to work on skills such as exchanging money, waiting in queues and social interactions in the community.

Mathematics at The Quest School

Our pupils have jumped right into work this term and seem happy to be back at school learning new things. They have been working very hard during Maths which they cover in both group lessons and one to one sessions. The pupils have been learning different components of Maths including counting, addition and subtraction. In order to aid learning, the pupils use a range of tangible resources including cubes, counters and Numicon. Additionally, Maths lessons are often supplemented with elements of ICT including interactive games and songs.