Online Safety at Quest.

To find out about keeping your child safe online, please visit our E-Safety tab on our main website (under information for parents) for training slides along with a “Click CEOP” button.  The Click CEOP button will take you straight to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection website for further information on how to report any concerns.  You will also find a link to the parent section of the “Thinkuknow” website.  This is is an education programme for online safety, recommended by the NSPCC.


COVID Testing.

In line with government advice, we have been carrying out COVID testing for our staff twice a week at school with lateral flow testing.  Most of our pupils have been attending school throughout the recent school closures, however, from 8th March, all pupils will return to school.  Staff will continue to be tested twice a week but will do this from home.  Throughout the pandemic, we have endeavoured to keep our pupils and staff as safe as possible, implementing robust additional cleaning, social distancing, a “bubble” system and regular testing.

On Monday, we look forward to welcoming back the pupils who have been learning from home.


World Book Day.

This week is World Book Day.  We have marked this occasion through a variety of activities.  The pupils have looked through books with staff, created a book mark, have participated in a book hunt and made character masks from their favourite books.



Movement Hour.

Due to COVID restrictions, our offsite activities to swimming and trampolining have not been able to continue.  These have been replaced with “Movement Hour” which all of the pupils participate in.  This week, the pupils have been doing a mixture of yoga, dance, balancing skills and ball skills. They have also been taught the theory behind what it means to look after yourself.

Back to School!

The pupils have all settled back into school following the Christmas break.  They have been working hard on all of their targets.  We embed Speech and Language and Occupational therapy into daily 1.1 learning programmes to ensure repetition and generlisation throughout the day.

We also welcome a new pupil to the school this term.




Anti Bullying Week.

This week is the UK Anti Bullying Week. The event is organised by Anti Bullying Alliance with the theme this year being “United Against Bullying”. Our teachers have been delivering lessons to the pupils to reinforce the importance of being kind and how their behaviour impacts others around them.
We have also been testing our facilities to continue delivering our group lessons should our teachers need to isolate during this pandemic. The set up worked well and the pupils seemed to enjoy the different method!