Movement Hour.

Due to COVID restrictions, our offsite activities to swimming and trampolining have not been able to continue.  These have been replaced with “Movement Hour” which all of the pupils participate in.  This week, the pupils have been doing a mixture of yoga, dance, balancing skills and ball skills. They have also been taught the theory behind what it means to look after yourself.

Back to School!

The pupils have all settled back into school following the Christmas break.  They have been working hard on all of their targets.  We embed Speech and Language and Occupational therapy into daily 1.1 learning programmes to ensure repetition and generlisation throughout the day.

We also welcome a new pupil to the school this term.




Anti Bullying Week.

This week is the UK Anti Bullying Week. The event is organised by Anti Bullying Alliance with the theme this year being “United Against Bullying”. Our teachers have been delivering lessons to the pupils to reinforce the importance of being kind and how their behaviour impacts others around them.
We have also been testing our facilities to continue delivering our group lessons should our teachers need to isolate during this pandemic. The set up worked well and the pupils seemed to enjoy the different method!

Children in Need 2020

Today, we have been raising money for Children in Need.  The pupils and staff have come in their own clothes (or some in fancy dress!) for a £1 donation.  They have completed some Pudsey Bear maths activities, watched a story about fundraising and have participated in a danceathon and yoga!  We have raised £40 so far!


Lessons at Quest.

We offer our pupils a full and wide ranging educational experience, whilst maintaining a clear focus on skills that are essential for their personal development and well being, such as communication, behaviour and independence skills (including fine and gross motor skills).

We have a distinctive teaching methodology, based on fundamental principles of behaviour science, and a curriculum specifically designed for our pupils’individual needs.  They also work in small groups to practise social and communication skills together.


Brazil Theme day.

Today is Brazil Theme day at Quest.  The pupils are learning all about Brazil through various activities.  They have made masks, head pieces and musical instruments for their carnival.  At the carnival, they dressed up and danced to Brazilian music.  The pupils have also practised their football skills, found some animals hiding around the school using the binoculars they made and have had their photos taken in a photo booth.

We hope everyone has a lovely half term break!