COVID-19 Easter Holiday Plans.

We understand that this is an extremely worrying time because of the amount of uncertainty around the covid-19 virus. In order to support families of keyworkers we are committed to providing for these children whilst their parents are providing an essential and critical service. We will be opening for these pupils only in the Easter holidays.

In these unprecedented, strange and difficult times we wish to say a heartfelt thank you to our incredible staff and families for your on-going resilience and enthusiasm to provide some level of normality to our pupils.

The Government review for current restrictions is due to take place on the 13th April and we will inform ASAP after this date the plans for term 5.




Autism Awareness Day.

Today is Autism awareness Day!

Autism is a complex developmental disability. It is considered to be a spectrum disorder, which means that the degree to which people are affected by it varies from mild to severe. Latest research indicates that autism affects approximately 1 in 100 people (approx half a million people in the UK).

Whilst the degree to which each person is impacted by autism may vary, there are common characteristics of an autistic spectrum disorder:

  • impairment of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • difficulties with developing social relationships
  • lack of flexibility leading to repetitive or routine-bound behaviours
  • impaired imaginative ability in play or creativity, for example, when writing
  • sensory processing difficulties

People with autism sometimes also have additional co-existing conditions such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), dyslexia or dyspraxia.

Autism is a lifelong condition which affects people of every race, background and gender, although it is more prevalent amongst boys than girls. As yet, the causes of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) remain unknown. As it is such a complex disorder, it is likely that there are multiple factors which involve both genetic and environmental triggers.

Just as the causes of autism remain unclear, it is also the case that there is as yet no ‘cure’ for autism. Research demonstrates that fewer than 10% of adults with autism have sufficient skills to enable them to live any form of independent life, and 60% of adults with autism will remain entirely dependent on others for all aspects of their adult lives.




We are excited to announce that one of our staff has just achieved her BCBA Qualification.  Congratulations Michelle Milam!  This entailed completing a Masters in ABA, gaining seventy five supervision hours and sitting a very tough exam.  A great achievement!!!


CORONAVIRUS . Update for partial closure.

On Tuesday 24th March 2020 we are implementing our partial closure system measures.
We are informing parents today by letter which days your children will be in school.
Parents must ONLY send their children in on the designated days.
We have prioritised the children of Keyworkers.


CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19). Partial School Closure.

You will all be aware of the announcement from Government about school closures. On Monday 23rd March 2020, we will be operating as normal and implementing a partial closure system from Tuesday 24th March 2020. We will be informing parents on Monday of which days their children will be able to attend. Keyworkers’ children will be prioritised.



Sport Relief

On Friday, we participated in some fundraising for Sport Relief.  The pupils and staff wore sports clothes for a £1 donation.  They participated in a danceathon, played some sporty games and between them, over the course of the week ran over six miles!  Thank you to everyone for your generous donations!


Occupational Therapy at Quest

An occupational therapist’s job is to help people of all ages to overcome any permanent loss or lack of physical, sensory or cognitive function.

Their aim is to help a person to become as independent as possible to participate in activities that are important and meaningful to them.  This can include in school, work, home and the environment.

Our occupational therapist regularly visits the school to conduct assessments and to update the pupils’ programmes.  She sets targets to improve their fine and gross motor skills, overlapping with Quest staff and working directly with them.  These programmes are then embedded into the pupils’ daily schedules to ensure that the targets are worked on consistently between her visits.  This provides more opportunities to strengthen these new skills.


Science Theme Day!

The pupils have really enjoyed Science Theme Day today!  They have been conducting science experiments, have dressed up as a scientist and have been learning about sinking and floating.  The pupils have made a dinosaur and a skeleton picture.  They have especially enjoyed the Moon and Stars Room!

We hope everyone has a lovely half term!


Safer Internet Day 2020.

This week, the pupils have participated in the Nation wide Safer Internet Day.  The theme this year was Online Identity.  Our pupils have made their own Avatar showing how they would like to be represented online.  They have created posters to demonstrate what they have been taught.  At Quest, Online Safety is embedded into all of the pupil’s weekly lessons.