Quest School continues to remain open and to make provision for our students, to the fullest extent possible, given the current restrictions.
Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, we have followed Government guidance at every stage, and have taken into consideration the following very important factors:
The needs of every pupil are considered on an individual basis, and in discussion with parents/carers to determine whether each child can continue to be safely cared for at home during this period
Prioritising school attendance for pupils whose parents are key workers, critical to the Covid-19 response effort.
Constantly adapting our daily practice, to implement social distancing measures to the fullest extent possible, notwithstanding the profile of our pupils means, in practice, there are significant challenges to achieving this.
Limiting the total number of pupils onsite each day, in order to help protect pupils and staff and to limit the risks of infection.
We would like to thank all our parents, pupils and staff for their continued support during this very challenging period of time.