Church Visit

As part of the Curriculum, our pupils learn about and explore different belief systems in order to encourage acceptance and understanding. By learning about differences in the community, we hope to encourage tolerance and respect of diversity. Some of our pupils attended a church in Paddock Wood this week to understand more about the Christian faith as part of Religious Education. The pupils met the vicar and were able to explore different elements of the church when matching names to objects. The pupils appeared to enjoy this experience.


Creating a Wind Chime.

As part of our physical education curriculum, some of our pupils have been on a woodland walk today.  They collected some sticks in the woods and when they returned to school, they made a wind chime with the sticks.  Other pupils in the school have also used the wind chime to create some music!


Platinum Jubilee

In order to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the pupils learnt more about the Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth and her reign as Queen for 70 years. The pupils also explored the different activities and celebrations that occurred over the bank holiday weekend. They created a royal crown, went on a themed treasure hunt, decorated Union Jack flag bunting and went on a Royal parade around the school.

Beach Theme Day.

In celebration of the warming weather, the pupils have participated in a Beach Theme Day.  They have completed a range of beach themed activities including, exploring sensory boxes filled with shells and seaweed, beach games in the playground and arts and crafts.  Various elements of the curriculum were covered;  including music where the pupils were able to listen to and recreate the sounds of the sea, maths where the pupils created a pictogram and reading and writing when working through their work books.

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and we will see everyone on the 6th June!

Kent Fire Brigade Visit.

The pupils and staff were very excited to welcome Kent Fire Brigade into the school today as part of our topic on vehicles.  The pupils were able to sit inside the fire engine and watch the blue lights flash.  If pupils chose to, they were able to listen to the siren!


Life Skills

At Quest, we work hard to teach our pupils a range of life skills that will help to prepare them for different situations and activities in school, at home and in the wider community. This week, the pupils have been spending time completing different gardening tasks, practising calming tools and participating in playground games to teach the skill of play and co-operation. In addition, pupils took part in different activities to further enable imitation for life skills, such as using mirror images.



Carroty Wood 2022.

The pupils are safely back in school after a very successful and exciting residential trip to Carroty Wood. They settled in very quickly to the environment and seemed to enjoy looking around their new home for the evening. On day one, the pupils learnt how to do archery and participated in an adventurous low ropes course. They then ate a delicious meal of spaghetti bolognaise, garlic bread, salad and ice cream. The pupils also enjoyed sitting around a camp fire before putting on their pyjamas and getting in to bed. On day two, the pupils woke up early to eat breakfast and make their packed lunch for the day. The pupils then tidied up the lodge and got ready for the day’s adventures. They enjoyed swimming with lots of different pool floats and accessories before rock climbing. After lunch, everyone returned back to school tired but very happy.



Titanic Topic Afternoon

Today the pupils were immersed in a history-based Topic afternoon where they learnt about the Titanic. They explored the timeline of the Titanic and also learnt more about the different passenger experiences. They created a Titanic information poster and also designed and made a model showing the Titanic hitting the iceberg. The pupils appeared to enjoy watching video re-enactments of the night the Titanic hit the iceberg and sunk.

Welcome Back!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our pupils who have returned back to school this week after the Easter break. The pupils have dived back into their school routine and have been working hard in their lessons. We hope everyone has had a restful break.

German Theme Day

Today at Quest it has been German theme day. The pupils have engaged in a range of activities including decorating a flag, making a German hat, decorating a ginger bread man and sequencing the Hansel and Gretel story. They have explored the German language through colours of a rainbow and playing hall games where they had to run to the correct colour in German. Wishing all our pupils and their families a lovely Easter break!