January at Quest.

It has been a busy start to the new year at Quest.  The pupils have been working hard in all of their lessons both in school and lessons that occur outside .  In their Frozen Planet Topic lessons, they have explored aspects of the Arctic and Antarctic by investigating melting and using laptops to research.


Online Safety at Quest

We have registered to take part in Safer Internet Day 2020.  Although online safety is embedded into our curriculum, this is a national day where online safety is discussed and reinforced with pupils across the UK. Quest participate in this every year.

A new link on our website has been added under the parent- E- Safety tab to direct parents to current online safety tips about keeping safe online.  https://questschool.co.uk/info-for-parents/e-safety/


Christmas Theme Day

This afternoon has been Christmas Theme Day.  The pupils have had their photo taken in a photo booth, played some games, eaten some Christmas food and made some Christmas crafts.  We hope everyone has a lovely break!


Speech and Language Therapy.

The ability to communicate is fundamental to everyone’s lives.  Challenging behaviour may result from deficits in effective communication and adaptive life skills; we therefore seek to address such deficits through facilitating the development of functional communication and life skills. These aspects of development are core to each pupil’s individualised learning programme.

The photos demonstrate some of the speech and language techniques that are used at Quest.

  • Oral Placement Therapy: As part of speech and language therapy, is the use of an Oral Placement Approach. Aspects of the oral placement approach may involve tools (such as straws, vibration and bite blocks) that are used in the mouth and a direct hands on face tactile cueing.
  • Cued articulation: A tactile approach that uses touch cues to a pupil’s articulators (jaw, tongue, lips) to manually guide them through a targeted word, phrase or sentence.
  • PECS: Some pupils use PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), whereby they exchange a symbol or symbols to communicate.
  • Proloquo2go: This is a system like PECS but uses a device with speech output.


Children in Need 2019

Today, the pupils have been taking part in fundraising for Children in Need. They could wear their own clothes for a £1 donation, some even came in fancy dress. They have attended a danceathon, had a cake sale and had an assembly learning about the charity of Children in Need.  We will let you know next week how much money we raised.  Many thanks for everyone’s generous donations.



Remembrance Day.

Today, we remembered those who have lost their lives for us fighting for our country in wars.  We had a two minute silence at 11am.  The pupils have made a remembrance board in honour of this. #lestweforget.

The London Skyline

The pupils have been learning about skylines in their art lessons.  Some of them have created the London skyline by choosing some of London’s’ iconic buildings as well as the time of day as the back drop for their picture.