Merry Christmas!

All staff and pupils would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Thank you for all your support.

A reminder to parents, pupils will be back to school January 5th 2017.



Christmas Jumper and Theme Day

Today we supported Save The Children by wearing our Christmas jumpers.  We also had a Christmas theme day, where pupils joined in with Christmas activities including making a junk model nativity scene, tasting Christmas foods and the twelve days of Christmas treasure hunt.


img_4296 img_6173 img_6202 img_6226 img_6276

Woodwork Day!

Last week, all of our pupils really enjoyed woodwork day, making Christmas Trees. The pupils carefully measured, cut and glued the pieces of wood to make the tree.  The Christmas Trees will go home with them at the end of term.

img_5923                                 img_6107


Covea Christmas Fair

Yesterday two of our pupils were chosen to represent the school at a fundraising event ran by Covea Insurance.  They held a Christmas Fair with lots of stalls which sold the cards and decorations made by our pupils.  A big thank you once again to Covea for all their fundraising efforts this year.img_5809 img_5814 img_5818

French Theme Day

Pupils are enjoying a French theme day today.  This morning they have been making an Eiffel Tower from cardboard boxes and newspaper and making a hand print French flag.  Students have also been on a ‘bus tour’ around Paris to see the Famous Landmarks and visited a French café to taste some traditional French food.  They are all really enjoying the day so far.

img_3668img_3618 img_3690

Thank you Covea!

Thanks to all our friends at Covea Insurance, Kings Hills for the recent donation.  We are grateful to all the staff at Covea for their recent efforts on ourcovea behalf and hope they are enjoying all the activities they are undertaking.  Thank you to all of our supporters for their continuing efforts for our pupils.