Music Lessons at The Quest School

Here at Quest, our pupils appear to thoroughly enjoy Music and exploring different instruments. With that being said, we are very lucky to have recently appointed a new teacher who specialises in Music. This week, the pupils were exploring how to create sounds of the sea using shaker instruments and through this started learning about how to identify and create loud and soft dynamics and fast and slow tempo sounds.

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We are excited to announce that another one of our staff has achieved her BCBA Qualification.  Congratulations Maisie Wilmin!  This entailed completing a Masters in ABA, gaining seventy five supervision hours and sitting a very tough exam.  A great achievement!!!


Congratulations to our Pupils at Quest

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our pupils on their hard work and perseverance this year. Despite the additional challenges that our children have had to face this year with Covid-19 still prevalent in our communities, they have continued to work very hard and attain highly commendable results with several pupils having earned end of term certificates for all their achievements this year. We have uploaded the relevant certificates on to Tapestry. We wish you all a happy and safe summer.

The End of the Academic Year!

The pupils have all been working so hard during the Summer Term!  They have participated in their daily lessons, which incorporate Speech and Language, Occupation Therapy, self help skills and Online safety into the core subjects. Woodland walks around The Hop Farm grounds have continued, with pupils completing worksheets and taking back to school natural materials to make either a musical instrument or art work.

We wish our staff, pupils, parents and carers a lovely Summer Holiday!


Space Theme Day!

Today, at Quest, the pupils have been learning about space.  They have engaged in a variety of activities including making a rocket, counting work sheets, using ICT to add their photo to a body of an astronaut and learning about the Solar System.  The experiment to launch a rocket in the play ground was a big hit!



Healthy Eating at Quest

As part of our healthy living focus at The Quest School, the pupils are encouraged to eat a range of fruit during snack and lunch. They are offered different fruits including pears, oranges, bananas and blueberries as part of their five a day. The pupils really enjoy choosing which fruit they would like to try. 

Sixth Form Life Skills

In order to continue to build on various life skills, our Sixth Form pupils are participating in cooking lessons this term. With some of the pupils following recipes, they will be making a range of hot and cold meals for their lunch including pasta dishes and sandwiches. The pupils will work on numerous skills including following instructions, using utensils safely and maintaining good hygiene in the kitchen.

Olympic Theme Day!

The pupils at Quest have all been participating in an Olympic Theme Day today.  They have been learning about the Olympics through various activities.  There has been baton and medal making, colouring in the Olympic flags, making motivational posters and an obstacle course in the playground.

We hope everyone has an enjoyable and relaxing half term.

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.

Here at Quest, the mental health and well-being of our staff and pupils  is paramount.

For the staff, we are proud of our supportive culture, robust Mental Health and Well-being Policy and the comprehensive range of external support provided by our Employee Assistance Provider –  Health Assured.

The pupils learn about how to communicate their emotions and are provided with tools to help them regulate their feelings.  We also run some Yoga sessions with the pupils to help them connect to their physical, mental and spiritual practises in order to improve their mental health.