Life skills at Quest

At Quest we value the importance of functional life skills for all our pupils. This week our sixth form pupils have been on their weekly shopping trip to buy items for cooking and they have also visited Costa to work on skills such as exchanging money, waiting in queues and social interactions in the community.

Mathematics at The Quest School

Our pupils have jumped right into work this term and seem happy to be back at school learning new things. They have been working very hard during Maths which they cover in both group lessons and one to one sessions. The pupils have been learning different components of Maths including counting, addition and subtraction. In order to aid learning, the pupils use a range of tangible resources including cubes, counters and Numicon. Additionally, Maths lessons are often supplemented with elements of ICT including interactive games and songs.

Christmas Time at The Quest School

The staff and pupils at Quest have been feeling very festive today as they took part in Theme Day and Christmas Jumper Day. The pupils enjoyed a range of activities including card making, creating Rudolph masks, making personalised baubles, posing in the photo booth and dancing at a Christmas party. Thank you    very much for your generous donations for Save the Children.


Wintery Walks.

The pupils have wrapped up warm and participated in woodland walks to explore nature. When they came back to school they discussed what they had seen and completed activities in their woodland walk booklets.

Anti-Bullying Week 2021.

This week, all of the pupils have participated in an assembly in honour of Anti-Bullying Week with this year’s theme being One Kind Word.  They have made a poster with different kind words that they can use and discussed the issues of how unkind words and behaviours can make others feel. The pupils also then took part in a kind act whereby they created a thank you card for either a staff member, a family member or a peer.

Children in Need.

The Quest School have celebrated Children in Need today. The pupils have participated in an Assembly where they learnt  more about what Children in Need is and why fundraising is so important. They also participated in a range of activities including arts and crafts, a collaborative Pudsey Bear, a Dance-a-thon, biscuit decorating and a bake sale. The pupils were also given the option to come to school in their own clothes.

Together with pupils, parents and staff, we have raised just over £160!

Social Use of Language.

Some of our pupils have been working hard in their ‘Social Use of Language’ group lesson. This is a session focused on teaching interactions between the group through a variety of activities.  Today they have been playing barrier games where they need to complete an activity in an identical manner to each other. This is done through one pupil being the speaker who gives instructions; and the other pupil being the listener, who places their items in the correct place from the instructions given.

Other activities that the pupils also participated in were, ‘Be teacher,’ ‘Tic-tac-toe,’ ‘what’s in the box?’  These teach skills such as; the ability to make inferences, take turns and to take the lead role in conversations such as pretending to be the teacher.

Asian Theme Day.

To end off Term one, the pupils have participated in a very vibrant and colourful Asian Theme Day.

They have completed a range of arts and crafts activities including making a fan, decorating a dragon, designing a Cherry Blossom Tree and contributing a piece of work to a group art project.

In addition, the pupils spent time in a pop-up sensory room where they participated in a yoga and meditation session.

The pupils have also tried a range of different traditionally Asian food including fried rice, prawn crackers, chutney, mango and poppadoms.

We wish our the pupils, parents, carers, staff and friends of Quest a happy half term break.

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